Weatherproof Shoreline Signage

Shore diving and snorkeling are increasingly popular pastimes, providing divers and snorkelers with the freedom to explore the aquatic environment when and where they choose.

Reef Smart Guides produces large-format saltwater- and sun-resistant shoreline maps that have now been installed in many locations around the world. Our weatherproof shoreline signage is ideal for resorts that have a house reef and wish to help guests gain a better understanding of the natural environment and explore this precious resource safely.

Our weatherproof shoreline signage aims to raise awareness of the environment, improve safety and help divers and snorkelers get the most from their in-water experience. Each map indicates the safest shore access points, as well as depths, suggested routes and potential hazards. Our maps also indicate what creatures might be discovered at a given site, along with important information and advice that may help protect both the environment, as well as divers and snorkelers.

Our signage is printed on a rugged and flexible vinyl that is completely fully weatherproof. A layer of UV-protective varnish is also added during the printing process to ensure durability. Using this material allows Reef Smart Guides to print and ship these assets in a tube, anywhere around the world, at a significantly reduced costs when compared to rigid board-mounted signs. These vinyl signs can then be installed by our partners on site without professional assistance.

The standard format for our shore signage is landscape in orientation and measures 4 x 3 feet (122 x 91.5 cm), but we can create custom signage in any dimensions. Your branding and text is incorporated into the design at no extra cost, which can help consolidate messaging and reduce the need for multiple signs.

For sites where 3D modeling data already exists, our standard weath

erproof shoreline signage is only $600 USD, plus shipping and handling.

For sites where 3D modeling data does not already exist, additional mapping costs are involved.  Please contact us at: for a quote.

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To learn more about our shoreline signage, click here to download our flyer.