A New Frontier – how underwater mapping tech could change the way you dive

Learn about Reef Smart Guides’ 3D mapping in this Scuba Diving Magazine feature.

In the Fall of 2023, Scuba Diving Magazine Content Director, Candice Landeau, joined Reef Smart Guides CEO, Ian Popple, in Grand Cayman for a crash course in 3D mapping. Together they mapped some of the island’s top dive spots, for a feature piece in the magazine, titled A NEW FRONTIER, which  appeared in the Spring 2024 issue of the magazine.


Candice’s interview with Ian took a deep dive in the world of dive and snorkel site 3D modelling and how it is changing the way we explore the underwater world.

The feature reveals some of the techniques used in Reef Smart Guides’ photogrammetric 3D modeling process, and how augmented reality and virtual reality can provide an immersive diving and snorkeling experience even for those who prefer to remain above the surface.

Together Candice and Ian collected 3D modeling data on the Kittiwake, Doc Poulson and some of the features of the Sunset House Reef, including the Nicholson wreck and the mermaid statue, known as Amphitrite.

Read the full feature piece in Scuba Diving Magazine.

View some of the 3D models created as part of this project.

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