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Discover the incredible world of coral reef ecology with Beneath the Blue Planet by Dr. Alex Brylske


Beneath the Blue Planet – a Divers Guide to the Ocean is essential reading for anyone that loves to dive and snorkel and wants to learn more about the world they see through their facemask. If you want to know how the ocean works, understand the perils that coral reefs face, and learn about some of the world’s most fascinating marine creatures, then this book will guide you.

Dr. Alex Brylske takes readers on a fascinating journey of discovery through the underwater world from the formation of the oceans around 4 billion years ago, through the science of waves, currents, tides and plate tectonics, to the explosion of life on present day coral reefs.

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This comprehensive and pioneering book has over 250 incredible images and illustrations that help explain the fascinating science behind the processes of the ocean and the behaviors of the creatures that live there, from plankton to whales, and will help answer many of the burning questions that divers and snorkelers have, such as:
  • Why are so many different species found on coral reefs?
  • How can the shape of a fish be used to determine its behavior?
  • Why does my facemask fog?
  • Why is the sea salty?
  • Why are coral reefs in trouble and what can be done to protect them.

No matter where you dive and snorkel, from temperate seas to tropics reefs, Beneath the Blue Planet provides the knowledge you need to get the most out of your experience. Every avid diver and snorkeler should have on their bookshelf or in their dive bag alongside their logbook.

As Scuba Diving Magazine says, “Beneath the Blue Planet is a must-read for underwater adventurers and ocean enthusiasts alike.”

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