Reef Smart launches a virtual tour of BVI Aggressor and the Willy T wreck

You can now complete a virtual dive and liveaboard tour on the Aggressor website.

Reef Smart Guides was invited to the British Virgin Islands by Aggressor Adventures this month, to map some of the region’s most exciting dive and snorkel sites. Over the course of seven days, the team created 3D maps of the RMS Rhone, Wreck Alley, Sharkplaneos and the Willy T. The Willy Thornton, as she is often known, was a floating bar and restaurant that was damaged during Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 and then transformed into a pirate-themed artificial reef by local non-profit Beyond The Reef.

The team also created a 3D model of the BVI Aggressor, which allows potential visitors to explore the liveaboard vessel from any conceivable angle, both above and below beck. The team then created a 360 virtual tour of the ship. Our integrated hotspots allow online visitors to jump from the 3D model to the 360 Virtual Tour while exploring every detail of this awesome liveaboard, including the bedrooms, lounges, dining area and even the wheelhouse and engine room.

But the team didn’t stop there! Using 360 underwater cameras, they created a virtual tour of the Willy T dive and snorkel site, so that online visitors can step off the stern dive platform, drop into the blue, and explore the dive site as well.

Click here to view the 3D model of the BVI Aggressor.

Click here to view the 360 virtual tour of the BVI Aggressor BVI.

Click here to view the underwater 360 virtual tour of the Willy T.

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