Introducing the ultimate guide to Curaçao

Reef Smart’s new Curaçao dive and snorkel travel guide is now available!

Reef Smart is proud to announce that our Curaçao Dive, Snorkel & Surf guidebook – the ninth publication in our travel guide series – is now available, after being officially released on October 24, 2023. Click here to order this guidebook on Amazon.

This new guide is the perfect travel companion for visitors that wish to explore the incredible diving and snorkeling in this island paradise. With 3D maps of 38 of the island’s most popular sites and access imagery for an additional 46 sites, divers and snorkelers can discover everything Curaçao has to offer beneath the surface. In total, there are descriptions of 95 dive and snorkel sites from around the island, including the north coast and Klein Curaçao. Reef Smart’s Curaçao guidebook is 304 pages in length and has a 31-page species guide to help divers and snorkelers find, identify and understand the marine creatures.

“An exceptional resource that every diver must have.” Bahia Diving, Curacao

“We were blown away by our diving and snorkeling experience in Curaçao when we began 3D mapping work there last year – the diversity of the dive and snorkel sites is matched only by the incredible biodiversity of the creatures that inhabit them,” says Ian Popple, CEO of Reef Smart Guides. “Visitors can explore caves, walls, fringing reefs, shipwrecks, car wrecks, and even airplane wrecks. Many of these sites are adjacent to incredible beaches, so visitors need only walk across the sand in order to explore the underwater environment.”

“Detailed maps and thorough information.” The Dive Bus, Curacao

Curaçao has several world-famous sites like the Superior Producer and Tugboat wrecks, which are stunning for their coral cover, accessibility and colorful backstory. But Curaçao has so many more sites that simply cannot be missed. Among the Reef Smart team’s personal favorites on the island were Director’s Bay, Double Reef, Fisherman’s Wharf and Playa Marie Pampoen.

“Beautifully mapped and easy for divers and snorkelers to find their way around.” Dive Center Scuba Do Curacao, Curacao

“The Curaçao guidebook has been a monumental effort that has taken nearly two years to complete, from conception to publication,” explains Popple. “The entire team at Reef Smart is incredibly proud of this work and we hope that it helps many people to enjoy the incredible experience of diving and snorkeling in Curaçao.”

“A must-have companion for any diver or snorkeler exploring Curaçao’s stunning reefs.” Soul Divers, Curaçao

Click here to order the Curaçao guidebook on Amazon!

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