Marble Hill Resort 3D Models

Dolphin's Den

Punta Gorda, ROATAN

Dolphin's Den is a popular site on the north coast of Roatan. A passageway connects the waters of the lagoon with those of the open ocean, offering divers a mix of overhead and semi-lit caverns to explore.


Camp Bay, ROATAN

McNab Pinnacles gets its name from the many pinnacles that tower 40 feet (12 meters) above the white sandy seafloor, just next to a wall of the same height. The wall also sports a deep, narrow crevice that divers can explore.

The Channel

Diamond Rock, ROATAN

The Channel sits just outside the shallow cut through the reef that allows boats to enter and exit the lagoon just offshore from Marble Hill Resort. A towering reef wall gives way to broken up spurs as the reef slopes down to great depth.

Punta Blanca Wall

Punta Blanca, ROATAN

Punta Blanca Wall is a shallow reef wall that separates the lagoon from the open ocean on the north coast of Roatan. Broken spurs cross a narrow plateau that leads divers down a steep slope to a deep, sandy seabed.