Learn about our remote mapping solution, which was developed during covid-19 travel restrictions.


Our online species guides provide a greater understanding of the coral reef ecosystem and they’re all free.


Reef Smart is expanding. Check out our locations and help us shine a light on new areas around the world.


Discover how Reef Smart Guides can support your business with digital experiences and physical products.


Waterproof guides for divers and snorkelers

Our waterproof handheld guides combine detailed 3D maps with routes, depths and species information. Knowledge can improve safety as well as vastly improve the in-water experience, allowing you learn about the ecosystem while you explore.

Printed guides and ebooks

Our guide books are the ultimate travel companion for anyone who loves to explore the marine environment. They are packed with detailed info, including our unique full-colour 3D maps, species guides, safety tips and much more.

Wall art for homes and businesses

Reef Smart’s most captivating 3D wreck designs are now available as paper and laminated wall art. These high-resolution images are incredibly detailed and make a powerful impact in homes and businesses.

Briefing charts

Our waterproof charts are the ideal tool to help dive professionals provide accurate and detailed briefings on day boats and liveaboards. All briefing charts are printed doubled-sided on a rugged and durable material, suitable for saltwater environments.

Weatherproof shoreline signage

Reef Smart’s weatherproof shoreline signage is changing the way people dive and snorkel. This concept is an ideal promotional tool for tourism authorities and for resorts with a house reef that wish to encourage safe and responsible exploration and environmental education.

Reef Smart Apparel

Our striking logo, featuring a composite sea turtle that includes over 50 aquatic creatures, is now available on a series of cotton t-shirts and tank tops for men, women and kids.

Reef Smart is interested in forming partnerships

Reef Smart is always looking to form new partnerships in order to produce guides for new locations. We look forward to discussing ways to map the reefs and wrecks in your area, to develop products for your guests, and open new revenue streams for your business. The size or number of locations you wish to map does not matter. We’d love to hear from you, so please contact us today.