Remote Mapping

The world is a large place and international travel can be challenging and costly at times, which can impede our ability to get a full team onsite for comprehensive mapping. The covid-19 pandemic compelled us to develop a remote training program, designed to teach dive professionals at partnering resorts and dives centers, how to collect the data necessary to generate our 3D wreck and reef maps. The training program is virtual, and conducted over a series of instructor-led sessions via a video-conferencing platform, such as Zoom or Skype. The interactive online program combines PowerPoint slides with integrated video support and a simple digital training manual. The process allows mapping projects to be conducted in a more cost-effective way, where possible, by using your own local dive resources. This solution also providing local dive professionals with a valuable new skill to add to their resumes. Our remote mapping solution may not be suitable for all lcoations, but has already proved valuable in a number of international projects. Data for several reef maps in our Grand Cayman guidebook were collected following this process, while data for multiple wreck sites in the Northwest Florida guidebook were also conducted by remotely trained dive professionals. New remote mapping projects are currently in development at other locations around the world. To learn more about remote mapping in partnership with Reef Smart Guides, please contact us at: