Blue Heron Bridge shoreline signage unveiled

One of the best dive and snorkel sites in the continental United States is now a whole lot easier, and safer, to explore.

The signage installed at Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach, FL
Blue Heron Bridge – the hugely popular shore-accessible dive and snorkel site located in Palm Beach, FL – now has one of Reef Smart’s weatherproof shoreline signs installed. The sign includes information about the key species at the site, as well as detailed safety information, including entry and exit points. The sign was installed by the Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation Department in March. You literally never know what you might discover when you enter the water at Blue Heron Bridge, from seahorses, batfish and octopuses to eagle rays and nurse sharks. Phil Foster Park, as it is also known, is a bucket-list site suitable for everyone. The story was covered by Fox-29 News in Palm Beach (click to view the story). Reef Smart launched a wall chart version of the site, which is now available at our online store, alongside the waterproof handheld card, which is also available online as well as at dive centers across the state. The Blue Heron Bridge sign comes just a few months after Reef Smart completed work on another weatherproof map, which was installed at the popular Lauderdale-By-The-Sea shore-accessible dive and snorkel site, adjacent to Anglin’s Pier in Broward County, FL. Click to learn more about Reef Smart’s weatherproof shoreline signage.
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