Reef Smart’s maps get super-sized

Our first large-format weatherproof shoreline signs have been installed and are adding a whole new dimension to dive briefings.

Divers are briefed on Buddy Reef, Bonaire, using Reef Smart’s new weatherproof shoreline signage. Buddy Dive Resort ©
Two signs have been installed at Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire. Our map of Buddy’s house reef has been placed on their dock and a second sign, featuring common Bonaire reef creatures, has been placed next to the drive-in fill station. “We’re really excited about this new product – it’s an ideal solution for resorts and tourism authorities to encourage safe and environmentally responsible shore diving and snorkeling,” says Reef Smart managing director Ian Popple. “This concept is truly changing the way people dive and snorkel.” Reef Smart already has a number of orders for similar signage in other locations, including seven in Florida, two in Grand Cayman and one in Barbados, the latter measuring over 20 feet across! Click here to learn more about Reef Smart’s shoreline signage.
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