Yellow Goatfish

Mulloidichthys martinicus

Maximum Size:

15 in (39 cm)


At least 7 years.

Typical depth:

0–115 ft (0–35 m)


Yellow goatfish are commonly found swimming in large schools over sandy bottoms. They use their long, sensitive barbels to locate polychaete worms, clams, isopods, amphipods and other crustaceans in the sand. When not feeding, they are often found in groups, sheltering in the reef.


Sharks, tuna, mahi mahi, grouper and jacks.

Did you know?

Protective mimicry is when a fish evolves body coloration and behavior similar to another fish, to make itself safer. The similar appearance and schooling behavior of the yellow goatfish and smallmouth grunt is an example of protective mimicry.