Threespot Damselfish

Stegastes planifrons 

Maximum Size:

5 in (12 cm)


Up to 15 years.

Typical depth:

3–100 ft (1–30 m)


Threespot damselfish tend small gardens of algae. Males use these gardens to attract a mate. If successful, the female will lay her eggs in the male’s territory, and he will defend them aggressively until they hatch. Threespot damselfish feed on tiny plant-like organisms called epiphytes that grow on the algae they cultivate.


Grouper and jacks.

Did you know?

This species is very aggressive toward other reef creatures, as well as divers and snorkelers. They will attempt to chase and bite any intruder that strays into their territory, no matter how large. They pose no real risk, however, given their teeth and mouths are so small.