Spotfin Butterflyfish

Chaetodon ocellatus

Maximum Size:

8 in (20 cm)


Unknown, but probably around 10 years.

Typical depth:

3–98 ft (1–30 m)


The spotfin butterflyfish can be identified by the small spot on the rear end of the dorsal fin. This species is found over an incredibly large geographical area, extending from southern Brazil to as far north as Nova Scotia, Canada. Spotfin butterflyfish are most active during the day when they search for food, which includes polychaete worms, zoanthids, anemones and fish eggs.


Barracuda, grouper, snapper and moray eels.

Did you know?

The spotfin butterflyfish has many common names (probably a function of it’s wide distribution), including the butterbun, common butterflyfish, katy, school mistress, and two-spotted butterflyfish.