Southern Stingray

Aetobatus narinari

Maximum Size:

10 ft (3 m) disc width, 500 lb (230 kg)


Up to 20 years.

Typical depth:

3–260 ft (1–80 m)


Spotted eagle rays are carnivores that specialize in eating hard-shelled prey such as conch, clams, crabs and lobsters. They sometimes eat octopuses and fish as well, and are often found over sand habitat. They have electro-receptors in their snout to help search for buried prey.


Tiger, bull, lemon, and hammerhead sharks.

Did you know?

The spotted eagle ray is believed to be quite intelligent – it has one of the highest brain-to-body ratios among fish, and is known to have a complex social system. Many of this species’ social behaviors are still not fully understood.