Redlip Blenny

Ophioblennius atlanticus

Maximum Size:

7.5 in (19 cm)


Around 2 years.

Typical depth:

0–27 ft (0–8 m)


Redlip blennies are common in shallow reef areas, with relatively high wave action. Their body shape and modified fins allow them to “hold on” to the reef. They are herbivorous and territorial, defending a patch of algae during the day and hiding in the reef at night.


Grouper, snapper, and trumpetfish.

Did you know?

Male redlip blennies are excellent fathers – they defend their egg nest against potential predators and fuss over the eggs constantly, even using a specialized gland, located near the tail, to coat them with mucus that prevents fungal and bacterial infection. Females prefer to mate with older males because they have more experience at defending eggs.