Midnight Parrotfish

Scarus coelestinus

Maximum Size:

30 in (77 cm)


Unknown, possibly up to 10 years.

Typical depth:

16–264 ft (5–75 m)


Midnight parrotfish are among the larger parrotfish species in the Caribbean, and are recognizable for their dark blue-black coloration. They can often be spotted schooling with surgeonfish as they munch on algae-encrusted coral. They are typically associated with coral reefs and sport the telltale beak of all parrotfish.


Grouper, sharks, mackerel, jacks and barracuda.

Did you know?

Midnight parrotfish are one of the rarer species of parrotfish on Western Atlantic coral reefs. However, their distribution is one of the most extensive. They have been observed as far north as Maryland in the USA and as far south as Brazil.