Giant Anemone

Condylactis gigantea 

Maximum Size:

12 in (30 cm)


Around 75 years.

Typical depth:

3–82 ft (1–25 m)


Giant anemones come in a variety of colors, from white to dark brown, sometimes with pink or purple-tipped tentacles. Some individuals have stinging tentacles that they use to paralyse and capture fish, shrimp and worms. Anemones typically attach to the reef, but are also capable of crawling.


Hermit crabs, snails and sea slugs.

Did you know?

Some organisms, most notably the Pederson cleaner shrimp and arrow crab, live symbiotically within the stinging tentacles of the giant anemone. Research has shown that these creatures go through a period of acclimation to become resistant to the anemone’s sting.