Blue Parrotfish

Scarus coeruleus

Maximum Size:

4 ft (1.2 m)


About 10 years

Typical depth:

10–82 ft (3–25 m)


The blue parrotfish is easily identified by its prominent bulging snout and color as it is the only blue parrotfish. It feeds during the day by biting off pieces of the reef in order to consume plants, algae and small organisms. This species can form large schools, particularly during spawning.


Large grouper, moray eels and barracuda.

Did you know?

Most of what the blue parrotfish consumes is inedible coral rock. But because parrotfish have a second set of teeth in their throat, they are able to separate the food by crushing the rock into sand. The beautiful sandy beaches found across the Caribbean are essentially made of parrotfish excrement.