Banded Butterflyfish

Chaetodon striatus

Maximum Size:

6 in (16 cm)


Unknown, probably around 10 years.

Typical depth:

10–60 ft (3–20 m)


Banded butterflyfish are most active during the day when they search the reef for food, which includes polychaete worms, zoanthids, anemones and fish eggs. Banded butterflyfish are often found in monogamous pairs and they defend a joint territory together with their mate.


Barracuda, grouper, Snapper and moray eels.

Did you know?

The dark band across the eye of this butterflyfish species is believed to disguise the position of the head from predators, which often orient their attack toward the eye of a fish. A bite in the rear is much easier to survive than a bite to the head.