Briefing Charts

Have you ever noticed how the quality of dive and snorkel briefings can depend on the artistic ability of your divemaster? Reef Smart Guides aims to change that. Our maps of reefs and wrecks allow dive and snorkel tour operators to provide detailed and accurate site briefings that are consistent from one group to the next. Our charts are rendered in high resolution, allowing the site to be depicted in great detail, showing important depths and structures, including the placement of hidden features like swim-throughs. Our briefing charts also include key species reported at the site, giving divers and snorkelers insight into the creatures they may see. Divemasters can even draw on the briefing charts with a dry-erase marker to indicate the planned route as well as any additional new information that might be pertinent to a specific group. Each Reef Smart briefing chart is printed double-sided on a flexible and fully weatherproof material that has been tested in temperatures that range from extreme heat to -30 Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit). The material is impervious to salt water and is coated with a UV-protective varnish for added durability.   Standard briefing charts are printed in landscape format, measuring roughly 24 x 16 inches (61 x 40.5 cm) at a price of $100 USD for one double-sided briefing chart (plus shipping and handling). This size is ideal for use on busy day boats with limited storage capacity. Multiple charts can be joined to form a package of flip charts covering all the sites in  given area. Large format briefing charts are available to liveaboards and other large-boat operators that have the facilities to properly store them. This larger size is printed in landscape format at a size of 36 x 24 inches (91.5 x 61cm). These large-format charts are usually only created as part of special mapping partnerships and are priced at $600 USD for per double-sided briefing chart (plus shipping and handling). Subsequent reprints are charged at $100 USD per double-sided briefing chart (plus shipping and handling). Operators can purchase either format, but we recommend only liveaboard operators consider the large format as the size of these charts can be challenging to use on busy day boats. And while the protective varnish coating enhances durability, these charts can be scratched if heavy objects like tanks or weights are dragged across them. To place an order, or learn more about Reef Smart Guides’ briefing charts, please e mail us at: