GPS: 16°21’07.3″N 86°32’37.8″W

Odyssey was a freighter that was sunk as an artificial reef in 2002. At a length of 300 feet (91 meters), she is Roatan’s largest wreck. She lies just seaward of the reef wall, off the north coast of Roatan, at a depth of approximately 115 feet (35 meters). Odyssey’s hull has broken apart, separating the bow and stern from the rest of the structure that now lies spread across a wide area of seabed. The stern is the tallest part of the ship, reaching up to 60 feet (18 meters) depth, and provides a number of penetration opportunities for experienced divers. Odyssey’s bow is the close part of the wreck to the wall and extends up a depth of 73 feet (22 meters). Dives can find plenty of schoolmaster snappers on the wreck, as well as large black grouper and barracuda.