Front Porch at Anthony’s Key Resort

GPS: 16°19’51.6″N 86°34’25.8″

Front Porch is the house reef of Anthony’s Key Resort. This entertaining shore-accessible site is suitable for both divers and snorkelers and transitions through several different habitats, including the resort’s coral restoration project. The reef gets gradually deeper with distance from shore, dropping into a sand and rubble plateau at a depth of about 25 feet (7 meters), approximately 500 feet (150 meters) from shore. Large rainbow parrotfish are often found here. Seaward of this plateau, the reef becomes more rugose, with steep-sided channels cutting through it as it drops to a deeper sand plateau at approximately 50 feet (15 meters). Large cubera and mutton snapper can be found here, as well as midnight parrotfish, lobsters and moray eels. The resort’s coral restoration project is located in the northern corner of the sand plateau.