Doc Poulson

Seven Mile Beach, GRAND CAYMAN
GPS: 19°21’37.7”N, 81°23’57.1”W

Doc Poulson (also spelled Polson in some references) was a Japanese-made cable-laying tug sunk as an artificial reef in 1981. She was the first artificial reef sunk in Grand Cayman and was named after Dr. James “Jimmie” Poulson, the island’s first diving doctor. He was also responsible for setting up the island’s first hyperbaric chamber for the treatment of decompression sickness. The wreck sits upright on a sandy seabed at a depth of 55 feet with the deck level reaching 48 feet (14.5 meters) and is heavily encrusted with hard and soft corals, including sea fans, as well as sponges, particularly yellow tube sponges.