GPS: 30° 06.689’N, 86° 33.301’W

MV Courageous was originally a 189-foot-long (57.5-meter) oceangoing cargo vessel purchased by the Air Force for use in a demonstration of a new weapons delivery system. The vessel was sunk off the coast of Okaloosa County, Florida, as part of the exercise, which took place on April 28, 2022. The blast broke the ship in two halves, causing the bow section to rotate almost a full 180 degrees. The two halves of the ship now rest side by side on a sandy seabed at a depth of 130 feet (39.5 meters). The twisted metal at the break point in the middle of the ship offers some interesting swim-throughs, although there is a high risk of entanglement. The ship’s forward hold and superstructure also offer penetration opportunities.