GPS: 16°19’39.0″N 86°34’44.5″W

El Aguila is a 230-foot (75-meter) long freighter that lies in several pieces, close to Sandy Bay and just seaward of the northern reef wall. El Aguila, which is Spanish for eagle, was sunk as an artificial reef by Anthony’s Key Resort in 1997 and now rests on a sandy seabed at a depth of around 110 feet (33.5 meters). In 1998, Hurricane Mitch tore through the islands, damaging much of the wreck’s structure. There is still plenty for divers to explore at this site however. The wreck hosts a wide variety of reef creatures, including rays, snapper, grouper, grunts and barracuda, and the reef wall has deep crevasses where eels and lobster can be found. In addition, several seahorses are resident around the mooring buoy at the site.