Order your copy of Reef Smart’s Florida Keys guidebook now!

Reef Smart’s greatly anticipated Florida Keys dive and snorkel travel guide is now available for pre-order on Amazon

We are proud to announce that our Florida Keys guidebook is now available for preorder on Amazon, with an official release date of November 8, 2022. Click here to preorder this guidebook. This is the seventh book in our dive and snorkel travel series, distributed internationally by Mango Publishing, and it might just be our finest work. This guide is 344 pages in length and contains over 100 mapped sites, stretching the entire length of the region, from Key Largo in the North, to Key West and beyond to the Dry Tortugas National Park – a distance of around 200 miles (320 kilometers). “When we began this work in 2018, we knew that mapping an area the size and complexity of the Florida Keys was going to be a monumental task, which was made infinitely harder by the COVID pandemic,” says Peter McDougall, CEO of Reef Smart USA. “We could not have completed this project without the incredible support of many locals and visitors alike.” Reef Smart is incredibly grateful to everyone who provided their help and insight, including the Florida Keys Tourism Authority and dive operators throughout the Keys, who recognized the importance of developing a definitive guide to the region’s diving and snorkeling resources. Thanks to them, this book represents the most complete and comprehensive guide to diving and snorkeling in the Florida Keys ever published. Many local dive and snorkel operators in the Florida Keys have already preordered this new guidebook and should have it in stock by early November. Reef Smart’s Florida Keys dive and snorkel travel guide covers many of the region’s most iconic sites, including Spiegel Grove, Benwood, Eagle, Vandenburg, Christ of the Abyss, Grecian Rocks, Molasses Reef, and many more. Not only does this guide contain detailed 3D models, but also the routes, key features, potential hazards, and species (a 34 page species section is included) that every diver and snorkeler should know, no matter where in the Keys they visit. Click here to learn more about Reef Smart’s other guidebooks and where they can be purchased.
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