Reef Smart Education launched with FREE dive industry seminars

Reef Smart announces a major new initiative called Reef Smart Education.

Directed by dive industry veteran, educator and marine conservation biologist Dr. Alex Brylske, Reef Smart Education will provide unique educational programs and products to help dive professionals, recreational divers and snorkelers better understand the marine ecosystem. Reef Smart Education is developing a series of one-hour seminars on a range of topics, including coral reef ecology and restoration, shark biology and conservation, and scuba diving safety. During our development process and for a limited time, these seminars will be offered free of charge to any dive operation, or other organization, interested in hosting them. Online seminars can be given by Dr. Brylske for international dive operators. In-person presentations are possible for organizations based on the east coast of Florida under an expense-sharing arrangement. A complete list of seminars and descriptions is located on the Reef Smart Guides website, click here.
Dr. Alex Brylske, Director of Reef Smart Education
“Science changes quickly, and most divers and snorkelers are unable to track what’s new through the scientific literature,” says Dr. Brylske. “Our seminars are designed to present divers and snorkelers with the information that matters to them in a clear and simple format that eliminates complexity and scientific jargon, so they can better understand the environment they love to explore.” This new initiative is being launched alongside a landmark new publication called Beneath the Blue Planet: A diver’s guide to the ocean and its conservation. This new book, the first in a series of educational field guides by Reef Smart Guides, will provide insight into marine ecosystems, the challenges they face, and some of the unique creatures and behaviors that divers and snorkelers may observe underwater. The new book will be launched at DEMA 2022. “As with all our products and services, the aim of Reef Smart Education is to help dive and snorkelers get the very most out of their in-water experience and provide dive professionals and dive operators with the tools they need to attract and retain avid divers and snorkelers,” explains Ian Popple, CEO of Reef Smart Inc. To schedule a FREE Reef Smart Education seminar, or to learn more about this opportunity, please explore the list of seminars on the Reef Smart Guides website, and contact us, indicating which seminar you would like Dr. Brylske to present to your network. E mail: or call: +1-514-448-4771.
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