Canada’s West Coast gets the Reef Smart treatment

Reef Smart headed west in August to map map some of the most impressive artificial reefs and shore-accessible sites in North America.

Detail of the Annapolis wreck waterproof card in Howe Sound, BC. Reef Smart Guides ©
The new West Coast series of waterproof cards is being developed in collaboration with some of the top dive centers in the area, as well as the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia. The first five waterproof cards in the series, which will be released in the coming month, are all artificial reef sites:
  • Xihuw Reef (737)
  • Rivtow Lion
  • Saskatchewan
  • Cape Breton
  • Annapolis
Additional sites in development include the spectacular shore-accessible sites of Porteau Cove and Whytecliff Park, just north of Vancouver, and numerous sites around Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island.
Detail of the Xihuw Reef waterproof card near Chemainus, BC. Reef Smart Guides ©
“Vancouver, and Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, are well-known for their exceptional diving and we’ve been keen to map this region for several years,” says Reef Smart managing director Ian Popple. “The restrictions placed on international travel during COVID-19, actually provided us with a great opportunity to focus on these magnificent sites closer to home. We’re excited to see some of the first sites in this new region start to take shape.” This new story will be updated with links to the Reef Smart online store when the cards become available for sale. Dive centers interested in stocking these cards should contact us for pricing options.
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