Revolutionary new concept featured in Scuba Diving Magazine

Reef Smart’s weatherproof shoreline signage is featured in the new issue of Scuba Diving Magazine.

One of two new shoreline signs installed in Grand Cayman. Cobalt Coast Resort ©
Reef Smart managing director, Ian Popple, was interviewed by Alexandra Gillespie about the new concept that is helping promote shore diving and snorkeling in numerous locations across Florida and the Caribbean and raising coral reef awareness. “We’re hoping to expand this work significantly in the future and open up more amazing sites around the world to shore diving and snorkeling,” says Ian Popple. “These signs are incredibly useful for divers planning a shore dive and for instructors giving a briefing to visitors. They can also help regions looking to raise their profile as a dive or snorkel destination.” Reef Smart has now installed shoreline signs in Barbados, Bonaire, and Grand Cayman, as well as in several different parts of Florida. Click here to access the full article. For more information on our shoreline signs, click here.    
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