Reef Smart adds the Vandenberg to Keys collection

The mighty Vandenberg, located off Key West, Florida, has become the latest wreck mapped by the Reef Smart team during a ten-day mapping trip to the Florida Keys,

The Vandenberg – one of the premier dive sites in the Florida Keys. U.S. Navy/Wikipedia commons ©
“The Vandenberg is one of the premier wreck dives in the United States, if not the world,” says Peter McDougall, managing director of Reef Smart USA. “It is also one of our most frequently requested dive sites in terms of waterproof cards and wall art, so it was at the top of our list when we planned this trip late last year.” The Vandenberg, which at 522 feet (160 meters) in length is the second-largest artificial reef in the world after the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany, was sunk in 2009 and rests on the seabed at approximately 140 feet (43 meters). On top of the shear size of the wreck, the experience of diving the Vandenberg was something the team will unlikely forget because they were also blessed with exceptional visibility during their visit. The data for the Vandenberg has already been processed and a waterproof card of the wreck is now been added to the Florida Keys collection, which also includes iconic wrecks like the Duane, Bibb, Eagle and Spiegel Grove. The Vandenberg dive card available on the Reef Smart website, click here as well as through Amazon, click here, and at many Florida Keys dive operators.  
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