Bonaire guidebook reviewed by Diver Magazine

The Bonaire reviews keep coming in! The February issue of Diver – Britain’s Best-Selling Diving Magazine – had great things to say about our Bonaire Dive, Snorkel and Surf guidebook.

The Reef Smart team head into the water at Red Slave. Reef Smart Guides ©

When industry leaders like Diver magazine announce that we’ve ‘outdone ourselves’ and ‘smashed it’ and that our guides have ‘immaculate production value,’ we know we’re on the right track.

“This is the second Reef Smart guidebook that Diver magazine has reviewed,” says Reef Smart’s creative director Otto Wagner. “Diver reviewed our Barbados book last year, calling it a ‘graphic triumph’. We feel like the Bonaire guide is our best yet and are excited to keep pushing the envelope with respect to what divers and snorkelers are looking for from a travel guide.”

Reef Smart is currently working on several upcoming Florida guidebooks, including Palm Beach, The Florida Keys and the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida and Alabama, as well as additional destinations in the Caribbean.

To learn more about our dive, snorkel and surf guidebook series, click here.

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