Announcing our new publishing deal

Reef Smart is excited to announce a partnership with innovative, Miami-based publisher, Mango Publishing.

Otto Wagner shows the Barbados guidebook and draft versions of Reef Smart’s two new guides, currently under development. Reef Smart Guides ©
Formed in 2014, Mango Publishing is one of the fastest-growing publishers in the United States and was a finalist for Publisher of the Year at Digital Book World 2019. Through this partnership, Mango and Reef Smart Guides will publish, distribute and expand the line of dive, snorkel and surfing guidebooks pioneers by Reef Smart with the initial launch of the Barbadods guide at the end of 2017. Mango will relaunch this guidebook next year, along with the eagerly-awaited Fort Lauderdale and Bonaire guides. Stay tuned for the official launch schedule and for more information about where you can purchase them, both in stores and online.