New waterproof cards available for sites in Palau, Bonaire and Southern Florida

New waterproof cards for key sites in Broward county, Bonaire and the Pacific island of Palau have started rolling off the Reef Smart printing presses.

Some of our new South Florida cards, hot off the press. Reef Smart Guides ©
These new designs are now available on Amazon and, and are being shipped to local dive centers in these locations. The new waterproof cards for southern Florida include: Guy Harvey, Anglin’s Pier, Mercedes I, Twin Ledges, Robert Edmister and trek, Hog Heaven, Tracey and Tenneco Towers, as well as a card featuring all Broward County reef and wreck sites. Reef Smart has also created a new Rodeo 25 card, which has been updated based on the changes that occurred to the wreck during Hurricane Irma in 2017. The new waterproof cards for Bonaire include Small Wall, Cliff and Cooper’s Barge. The new waterproof cards for Palau include: Blue Holes/Blue Corner, Zero Fighter, Raizan Maru and an island card for Palau featuring all reef and wreck sites. To purchase our waterproof cards, click here