Reef Smart sponsors Barbados Dive Fest

Reef Smart is proud to sponsor the Barbados Dive Fest 2018, which will feature water awareness programs, scuba demonstrations, beach clean ups, and lionfish hunting and tasting.

The event runs for five days between July 3rd and July 8th and aims to encourage particpants to get in the water and discover diving and snorkeling. Reef Smart will be donating Barbados guidebooks to be used as prizes for participants in these events. Other sponsors of the event include PADI, Mares, Tusa, Cressi and Hilton Resorts.

 “Encouraging people to discover and explore the underwater world is something that is close to our hearts,” says Peter McDougall, Reef Smart’s Editorial Director. “We believe that through ‘hands-on’ learning we can help more people, especially the younger generation, to connect with coral reefs, which we hope will lead to greater protection of this fragile ecosystem.”

This is the second year of Dive Fest Barbados. The opening ceremony takes place at Copa Cabana at 6pm on Tuesday July 3rd. More information, including the full schedule of activities, can be found by visiting:


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