Big new product line announced at DEMA 2017

Reef Smart’ new Barbados dive, snorkel and surf guidebook was officially launched at DEMA 2017 today.

Otto Wagner holds the Barbados dive, snorkel and surf guidebook – Reef Smart’s exciting new product line. Reef Smart Guides ©
The new guide book contains detailed three-dimensional (3D) models of Barbados’ top dive and snorkel sites as well as valuable additional information on surrounding activities, species and safety tips. The product is available online and through retailers across the island of Barbados including: Cave Sheppard, Pages, Best of Barbados, Atlantis Submarines, Downtime books and music, Attractions Barbados, Pelican village and many of the islands dive centers. “We’re very proud of the Barbados dive, snorkel and surf guide, which is the first a in series of new travel titles underdevelopment and due for release in 2018, including Bonaire, Fort Laurderdale, Florida, and Palm Beach, Florida,” says creative cirector Otto Wagner. “Our aim is to reimagine guides and help people get the most out of their in-water experience and encourage as many people as possible to explore coral reefs,” says managing director Ian Popple. “ Reef Smart Guides has also launched a new line of waterproof guides, including 9 maps for the Florida and Keys, three maps for North Carolina, 13 maps for Broward County, Florida – all with post-Hurricane Irma modifications – and a new expanded line for Palau, including the three new wrecks: Iro, Bichu Maru and Helmet Wreck.