3D visuals appear in Scuba Diving Magazine

Reef Smart Guides’ unique three-dimensional (3D) modelling designs appeared in Scuba Diving Magazine for the first time this month.

A new waterproof card developed from the images. Reef Smart Guides ©
A detailed image of the Japanese World War II wreck, Fumizuki, was created for the magazine’s article: How Shipwrecks Corrode by Allison Selman and Chris Selman. Reef Smart Guides also created a “ghost ship” for the article – a feature that will appear increasingly often on our products moving forward – that shows the original ship and highlights the areas where corrosion has occurred. The images provided by Reef Smart Guides helped bring-to-life the issue of shipwreck corrosion in the historical wrecks of Truk Lagoon. Reef Smart has developed a waterproof card for this wreck, which will be releaseed for DEMA 2017 in Orlando Florida, click here to purchase. To read the full article in Scuba Diving Magazine, click here.