Today’s travelers research destinations almost exclusively online. Resorts that showcase their facilities using immersive digital experiences attract far more visitors. Reef Smart Guides is a specialist in 3D modeling and 360 virtual tours. Our interactive technology transports visitors from a passive, two-dimensional world, to a unique digital experience that raises web engagement and increases online booking conversion in the critical “search and shopping” phase.

Our tours are customizable, branded and Google-integrated, all of which enhances Internet search engine optimization (SEO) and enables visitors to inquire about rooms and initiate bookings directly within the online experience. This technology represents a vital tool that ensures your business stays ahead of its peers, which is crucial in today’s competitive environment. Invest in the future of your business today!

360 virtual tours

360 virtual tours, also known as Virtual Reality (VR) tours, are engaging and immersive experiences that allow online visitors to explore locations through digital 360-degree images. Viewers control the action as they explore the resort and its environment, including high-value amenities, such as bars, restaurants, conference rooms and spas. Hotspots within the photo-sphere images provide additional interactivity, allowing visitors to browse restaurant menus and spa treatments, as well as make room bookings.

Virtual tours have become an important element of promotion and marketing, allowing resorts to stay ahead of their competition. Reef Smart Guides is the only organization in the world to provide unique tri-level tours, which include ground-level, aerial and underwater domains. The underwater component integrates hotspots that transform the virtual tour into an educational experience, where visitors can learn about the coral reef ecosystem and its creatures.

3D models with augmented reality

Reef Smart Guides can create 3D models of any size, from individual dive boats to entire resorts and even individual dive and snorkel sites. Our 3D models allow visitors to explore resorts and their features from every conceivable angle.

They can be static or animated and are embedded into partner websites to provide a seamless experience that raises engagement and increases SEO. In addition, our 3D models are enabled with augmented reality (AR) so that online visitors can project them into their own environment, no matter where they are.

Marketing resources

For each individual project, Reef Smart Guides ensures that all the images and videos captured by our professional photographers – whether on land, in the air, or below the surface of the water – are available to the client for marking purposes. This valuable portfolio is accessible for viewing and downloading through our online platform.

Reef Smarts Guides has Google Trusted Photographers on staff, who meet the strict quality requirements of the program and are certified to provide virtual visits on Google Street View. We also create eye candy videos that can be used on websites and social media to increase online exposure.

Non-digital assets

Reef Smart Guides can generate many non-digital assets from the digital data we collect. These assets can serve as cherished mementos for guests, as well as being invaluable as marketing tools and revenue streams for resorts.

These assets include handheld waterproof cards, wall charts, briefing charts, weatherproof shoreline signage and custom guides, which enhance the visitor experience, raise environmental awareness and improve in-water safety.

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Results are rapid and impactful. Resorts that use virtual tours and 3D modeling report sales growth of

Plans and pricing

Reef Smart Guides offers three pricing tiers for its plans, along with customizable options, to ensure solutions are available for all our client’s needs and budgets.

The Essentials package is our most affordable option and includes all the standard features that a compact resort, liveaboard or dive center might need to showcase their operation. The Essentials represents a simple and effective solution that is usually covered by the cost of a single room for just a handful of days.

The Complete package is our most popular option and includes enough photo-sphere locations to handle the needs of most medium-sized resorts, with amenities like pools, restaurants, a dive center, conference center, spa, gift shop and multiple room types. This package also includes 3D models for multiple dive and snorkel sites. The integration of additional information, such as menus, price lists and booking platforms, as well as environmental information that turns the virtual tour into an educational experience makes this a very attractive option.

The Elite package is our most extensive offering. It includes unlimited number of photo-sphere locations and 3D models, and even a complete 3D model of the resort itself with labelling and links, branded shoreline signage, waterproof cards and wall charts and even eye candy videos for promotional purposes.


Ideal for compact resorts, dive centers and liveaboardsIdeal for medium-sized resortsIdeal for extensive resorts
10 photo-sphere locations25 photo-sphere locationsUnlimited photo-spheres
One dive/snorkel site 3D modelThree dive/snorkel site 3D modelsUnlimited dive/snorkel site 3D models
Branded tri-level virtual tour
Google Street View integration
Multimedia resources with unlimited distribution rights
Integration of additional information
Integration of environmental education
Eye candy video development
Branded shoreline signageoptional extraoptional extra
Branded waterproof card and wall chart designsoptional extraoptional extra
3D model of entire resort
$4 500 USD$9 000 USDContact us for quote

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