Reef Smart’s Resort Services program helps resorts develop unique and integrated environmental experiences for their guests through a combination of interactive 3D maps and coral reef education. Our maps provide an immersive experience for guests that allow them to explore and learn about both the coral reef ecosystem and the resort itself, using 360 virtual reality (VR) technology. Our coral reef education program raises environmental awareness within multiple target audiences and helps resorts implement green initiatives and environmental experiences for guests. Together these initiatives can help a resort stand out in today’s increasingly competitive world of eco-tourism.

How Resort Services Works

The two pillars of Reef Smart’s Resort Services, namely 3D mapping and education, are designed to function together to provide the most benefit to a resort.

Our Resort Services program involves a combined on-site presence of as little as two days or as much as a complete one-week experience, with the latter integrating a full educational program for guests. This comprehensive program can be used to attract visitors during low season to help offset program costs.

For more information, please contact us for a personal overview of the program from one of our team leaders.

What are the benefits of being Reef Smart?