Terrestrial resort maps added to Reef Smart programs

Reef Smart has developed an additional product that will be provided, free-of-charge, to resorts that implement the Reef Smart program during DEMA 2015 and throughout the initial product launch in 2016. Reef Smart, which is a recognized leader in the production of underwater maps and marine biology guides, will now include terrestrial resort maps at no additional cost.

“The creation of resort maps is yet another valuable product that will be included in our both our basic and complete portfolios at no cost to our clients,” says Ian Popple, Reef Smart Scientific Director. “Our resort partners made it clear to us that this product that they would like to see added. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide resorts with the tools they need to ‘redefine the coral reef experience’ for their guests, we are proud to be able to offer this service.”

“Reef Smart products have a reputation for accuracy and detail, we take great pride in this,” says Otto Wagner, Reef Smart Creative Director. “Through the use of topographic data and drone imaging, our talented graphic design team has been able to extend our expertise to produce stunning resort maps, which can be conducted during the same visit as the reef work and at no extra cost.”

Reef Smart Scientific Director Ian Popple, will attend DEMA 2015, which is being held this year at the Orange Country Convention Centre in Orlando, FL. For more information after DEMA, or to request examples of our resort maps, please contact us:

E-mail info@reef-smart.com
Phone 514 448 4771

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